The Science Of Cancer: Sign Of Colon Cancer

Signs of colon cancer are sometimes not related to cancer at all but sometimes they can lead to infection, and any other diseases that is probably not good for your body (like hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are not pleasant for the body). Most people with one of these symptoms don’t have cancer. But, if you experienced any abnormalities regarding your colon, you should quickly go to your nearest medical instance in order to avoid further risk, especially colon cancer.

Symptoms related to colon cancer

Here are some signs that could lead into colon cancer:

  • A change in your stomach (the bowel specifically). With the change in your bowel, you would find you are more susceptible to constipation.

  • Your bowel is not relieved when you did something that should have been able to relieve it.

  • Bleeding….. in your butthole.

  • Bloody stools

  • Cramps in the stomach.

  • Exhaustion and lose of strength

  • A loss in weight. Being skinny is not always a plus.

These symptoms often occurred when the cancer cells in your colon have grown into something that is not pleasant. It is best to do medical check-up routinely in order to avoid such disease. Screening is a way to detect whether you have a colon cancer or not and it can be done when you have no symptoms at all. A good thing from screening is it can prevent colon cancer by way of removing that dangerous cell growth or polyp.

Sign of colon cancer pictures

Cancer? Can you tell me what is the cause of cancer?

When there is something suspicious found during screening test or your symptoms have a relation with that specific cancer, your lovely doctor will usually recommend you to do some tests and examinations to root out the cause.

First thing to do is to check your medical history and your family’s to know whether there are chances of colon cancer. 20% of colon cancer sufferer having one of their family members suffer from the disease too, especially your close kin and kin that are not that close. But most colon cancer is experienced by those who have no colon cancer in his/her family history.

Colon problems besides cancer can increase the chance to suffer from the disease. These colon problems are Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, polyps that can be a chance for cancer, and hereditary syndromes. Diabetes type 2 can also help increase the chance of having cancer.

Sign of colon cancer in dogs

In doing an examination that is physical, dear doctor would need to touch the abdomen of your body and do some examination on that body of yours. A blood test can also help you know whether you have a colon cancer or not. Other tests (colonoscopy or whatever its name, x-ray and CT scan) can also be recommended by your doctor. Biopsy is a treatment where you are highly suspected of having a colon cancer. The tissues (that are usually small), will be removed and then analyzed to find out if there are cancer cells or not.

Surgery, radiation treatment, chemical therapy, and other kind of therapies may be suggested by your doctor but the treatments will depend on how early the colon cancer is found. You should talk frankly to your doctor so the disease will be easily detected. Knowing signs of colon cancer will help you a lot to avoid further risk.

Symptom Of Colon Cancer List

Knowing the symptom of colon cancer is important for everyone. This type of cancer is known as one of the most common ones of all. It attacks almost 45% of cancer patients across the world. Colon cancer is the situation when the cancer cells grow in the colon area destroying the bowel movement system and also the digestive system. This cancer is quite severe. Within months, the cancer cells will have the ability to grow and invade the tissue nearby the colon. The tissues will be destroyed and the cancerous cells are then capable to travel to other parts of the body. That is why colon cancer must be cured as soon as possible. You need to contact your doctor when you experience the symptom of colon cancer. The list is below.

  1. Change in Bowel Habits

Abnormal bowel habits such as constipation and diarrhea can be the symptoms of this kind of cancer. However, in colon cancer, the diarrhea and the constipation are just severe and last for a long time, more than four weeks apparently. When you experience constipation or diarrhea in just a day or less, it could be just because what you eat. However, if it lasts long, you can be sure that there is something wrong with the bowel movement and you need to contact your doctor immediately.

  1. Change of the Consistency of the Stool

The consistency of the stool depends heavily on what you eat. However, if it is too soft or it is watery all the time, you need to check to the hospital as soon as possible. If you have not eat anything spicy or tangy and your stool’s consistency is not “normal”, you have big possibility that the colon of yours is in trouble.

  1. Rectal Bleeding

Blood is always indicating something bad. Rectal bleeding is one of the most obvious symptoms of colon cancer. Beside of that, you will also find the blood in your stool. When you see this, you need to get medical help because it is rare to have blood in stool, unless you have rectal cancer or other disturbances in the inner organs.
Symptoms of Colon Cancer early

  1. Abdominal Discomfort

Colon cancer basically destroys the tissues inside the abdomen. That is why when you have this kind of cancer, abdominal discomfort is often experienced by the patients. The discomforts are including cramps, gas, and severe pain inside the belly.

  1. Fullness of Bowel

Even after you go to the toilet, you will have the feeling that the bowel does not empty completely. You will feel like full all the time but it is mixed with the constant discomfort coming from the belly.

Symptom of Colon Cancer diarrhea

  1. Weakness and Fatigue

Cancer cells are destroying the system slowly. It will have great impact in your immune system for sure. That is why weakness and fatigue are experienced by the patient. It is the signal that the body is interfered by the cancer cells.

  1. Unexplained Weight Loss

Since the bowel does not work properly, the digestive system does not work properly as well. That is why unexplained weight loss is going to happen when you have the cancer. This symptom of colon cancer is one of the most obvious ones, beside of the bleeding.

Cause And Symptoms Of Colon Cancer

Some of colon cancer symptoms were caused by something which is not cancer, such as: hemorrhoids, infection, inflammatory bower disease and irritate of bowel syndrome. In many cases, peoples who have these symptoms do not have cancer. However, if you have this problems, it can be sign that you should see the doctor to know the cause and treated as well. Therefore, you may wonder about what are symptoms of colon cancer.

There are several symptoms of colon cancer :

– The dark stool or there is blood in the stool.

– The change of bowel habits, such as: the narrowing of stool, diarrhea, constipation which at least for few days.

– The feeling that you should need bowel movement which is not relieve.

– The rectal bleeding.

– Get unintended of weight loss.

– Cramping or getting stomach pain.

– Weakness and fatigue.

When the colon cancer was turn out to be that cause, these symptoms may often appear only after the cancer had been grown or spread out. This is why you need to get test for colon cancer before you having any symptoms was become your best option. The colon cancer can be found by screening and the testing also can be done for peoples who do not have any symptoms. Screening was able to prevent some of colon cancers by finding then removing the pre cancerous getting growth that called as polyps.

What Are Symptoms Of Colon Cancers

What are causes of colon cancer?

In many case, there is no clear explanation about what exact cause of colon cancer. Doctors will know that there is colon cancer when the normal cells inside the colon were developing into errors inside their DNA. The healthy cells grow and dividing in the orderly way to keep you body get normal function. But when the cells of DNA were broken and become cancer, those cells will keep dividing, even new cells were not need. As the cells were in bulks, they will form a tumor. With the time, the cancer cells were able to grow and attack then destroy the surround normal tissues. In fact, cancer cells also able to travel onto other part of body.

What Are the signs Of Colon Cancer

How do they know that this is a colon cancer?

If your doctor found something suspicious in your screening test, or if you have one or more those symptoms which related with colon cancer, you doctor may recommend you to get advance exam and test to find the cause. Your doctor will need your complete medical history to check the symptoms and risk factors, including your family history, as some 1 of 5 peoples who develop the colon cancer were having other family members who had it. Having the other colon problems were also able to improve the risk factors. This is also including of pre cancerous polyps, hereditary syndrome, ulcerative colitis and more. Even having type 2 of diabetes was also able to increase the risk. So, this is better to call your doctor for advance explanation.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Colon Cancer? Curiosity Explained

Colon cancer or also known as colorectal cancer occur in 1 of 3 adults. Adults starting from the age of 45, need to have a regular screening for any abnormal abdominal activities. For those of you who have family history of colon cancer or experiencing any symptoms should start cancer screening way before the age of 50. Colon cancer may not show any obvious symptoms compared to other type of cancer, however it one of the deadliest illness for people around and over 50 years old. So it is important to know what are the symptoms of colon cancer immediately.

What Are The Symptoms Of Colon Cancer: The invincible symptom of colon cancer

Awareness of your body is very important when it comes to diagnosing colon cancer because ome people with colon cancer don’t experience any signs or symptoms. Most common symptoms including blood in your excretion, rectal bleeding, weakness and fatigue, frequent abdominal cramps, and unusual weight loss. The signs of colon cancer may vary, depending on how severe your condition is and the location of the cancerous cells. Colon cancer can impact your entire body because it determines how well would you digest foods and your appetite. So it is important to get it checked regardless of your experience on the symptoms across all ages.

What Are The Symptoms Of Colon Cancer: Why do I have these symptoms? What caused it?

You may wonder where does these cancer cell comes from and why does it affect you so much. Well, there are a lot of reasons on why colon cancer grew inside the body. Some scientists and doctors found out that there are some inherited gene mutation that possibly would increase the risk of colon cancer. These genes are passed through your family bloodlines and would significantly increase your risk of cancer. Though, those people who inherited such genes are only a small percentage of colon cancer patients.

What Are the Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Another possible explanation in regards to what causing colon cancer is your dietary habit. who does not enjoy that greasy and fatty junk foods? Well if you love fatty foods, you might need to think twice before ordering the big mac or a double decker hamburger. Fatty foods are associated with an increased risk of colon cancer. Researchers found that a high fat, low fibre diet activated the microbes living inside your colon to cause inflammation. This inflammatory part of your colon may increase the risk of developing into a cancer cell.

This study has been done with large groups of people with a typical western diet and has consistently found an association between the amount of fats and fibre consumed in a diet. However, such study is still ongoing but it might be good for you to consume less the amount of your favourite double decker hamburger for dinner. It is recommended for you to eat more greens, including vegetables and fruits, to balance the nutrition digested by your colon to prevent colon cancer. So, is your curiosity has been satisfied by this article to know what are the symptoms of colon cancer?