7 Signs Of Breast Cancer In Teens

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Have you known about signs of breast cancer in teens? We are better to know about it because knowing about it is really important. As we know that breast cancer can be suffered by woman, includes teen. So if you are a teenager or parent who has teenager daughter, you have to know about the signs of breast cancer in teens to know the best steps should be done for handling it.

The Cause of Breast Cancer in Teens

Breast cancer cases have been found in various countries. Long time ago, breast cancer commonly suffered by women older than 30 years old. But, today is different. Although there are so many old women (older than 30 years old) suffer breast cancer, it doesn’t mean teenager can’t suffer this cancer. There are so many researches showed that some teenagers suffer breast cancer.

When it happens, many people want to know the factors that cause it. Actually, there are so many factors can cause breast cancer in teens. The main factor is life style. Teenager with bad life style usually has a risk to suffer breast cancer. Not only that, breast cancer can be caused by unhealthy food consumption. So, always do healthy life style and consume healthy food if you want to be free of breast cancer.

signs of breast cancer in teens

The Signs of Breast Cancer in Teens

Now, let’s we talk about the signs of breast cancer in teens. Here are the signs of breast cancer in teens that you have to know:

  • Lump

If you find a lump on your breast, you have to be careful with it. It is the first sign of breast cancer. You have to consult it with a doctor to avoid severe breast cancer.

  • Changes in Size and Shape

Always note your breast size and shape. When you feel that your breast looks different than before, it may be the sign of breast cancer.

  • Wrinkle

Other sign of breast cancer is wrinkle. When you find wrinkle on your breast area, go to the doctor earlier to avoid severe breast cancer.

  • Liquid from Nipple

If your nipple suddenly secretes liquid, it is the sign of breast cancer. So, be careful with this condition and go to the doctor to check your health.

  • Pain

Other sign of breast cancer in teens is pain on breast. Pain on breast area is sign of breast cancer.

  • Changes in Nipple Size

The condition of nipple should be noted. When your nipples look different, you have to be carefull with it because it is the sign of breast cancer.

  • Itchy Breast

Itchy feeling on breast area is also the sign of breast cancer. So, always check your breast. When you feel itchy feeling on breast area, you have to go to doctor to get medication immediately.

Those are some information for you about the signs of breast cancer in teenager. You can use the information above as your reference whenever you want to check your breast condition to know whether you have breast cancer or not. Finally, hopefully the information about the signs of breast cancer in teens above will be useful for you.

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