The Human Body: What Causes Mesothelioma?

People are wondering what causes mesothelioma? The only answer is asbestos. This substance often found in industrial and mining area. It will act as the trigger of tumor in your mesothelium in the lungs. Here is what you need to know about the disease.

What Causes Mesothelioma?

Exposure to asbestos is the only cause of mesothelioma. It’s a natural mineral with fire retardant capabilities. This substance can be found in rocks or mixed with other minerals. There two main types of asbestos.

  1. Serpentine asbestos

This kind of asbestos is easy to be eliminated by our body. Serpentine asbestos fibers are mostly used in all materials which should have a certain number of asbestos in the US.

  1. Amphibole asbestos

This substance is harder to be eliminated compared to its brother and it is the main cause of mesothelioma. The shape of amphibole asbestos is rigid and needle-like, so it is very deadly for your body to handle.

What Causes Mesothelioma other than asbestos

How Do People Get Exposed to Asbestos?

  1. Occupationally

This is the most common cause of mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is usually experienced by people who worked a long time in industrial areas, especially if the area contains asbestos material. Specifically, electricians and shipyard workers are having higher chance to be exposed by asbestos.

Occupational hazards are the most common cause when talking about mesothelioma and asbestos exposure. Automobile workers, military man, and shipyard workers are very exposed to asbestos material. Common materials containing asbestos are Insulation, Roofing and flooring materials, Brake pads, Pipes and pipe fittings, Electrical wiring, and Paint.

  1. Secondhand

Secondhand exposure is where a person indirectly contaminated with dangerous asbestos which could cause mesothelioma. A person who lives with another person that works in an asbestos-exposed job may experience mesothelioma because of the transferred asbestos from another person.

Most of them don’t realize why they have mesothelioma or don’t know the cause of it. It is possible that they have another household member who worked in asbestos-exposed fields. A great example is those spouses of construction or factory workers. Those workers often come back home and bringing with them asbestos. It could stick in their hair, skin, or clothes. Doing laundry and direct contact can cause the disease.

  1. Naturally

Asbestos is a natural mineral. Those who live near a source of mineral could be exposed because of the water run-off or mining projects. But this kind of exposure is a rare occasion. Naturally occurring asbestos fiber may be contacted by some people.

What Causes Mesothelioma besides asbestos

Natural source of asbestos usually found deep underground. However, there are some areas which have naturally occurring asbestos and it is close enough to the surface to pose a threat to people around the area. Occupational exposure may occur in mining area that contains asbestos.

Although asbestos exposure is a rare occasion, but still it pose a great threat since it is the cause of mesothelioma which is very deadly to human. You should avoid asbestos-filled area or if you have a household member that work in asbestos-exposed fields, you can wear masker to minimize asbestos contact. I hope that you understand what causes mesothelioma after reading this.

The Science Of Cancer: Sign Of Colon Cancer

Signs of colon cancer are sometimes not related to cancer at all but sometimes they can lead to infection, and any other diseases that is probably not good for your body (like hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are not pleasant for the body). Most people with one of these symptoms don’t have cancer. But, if you experienced any abnormalities regarding your colon, you should quickly go to your nearest medical instance in order to avoid further risk, especially colon cancer.

Symptoms related to colon cancer

Here are some signs that could lead into colon cancer:

  • A change in your stomach (the bowel specifically). With the change in your bowel, you would find you are more susceptible to constipation.

  • Your bowel is not relieved when you did something that should have been able to relieve it.

  • Bleeding….. in your butthole.

  • Bloody stools

  • Cramps in the stomach.

  • Exhaustion and lose of strength

  • A loss in weight. Being skinny is not always a plus.

These symptoms often occurred when the cancer cells in your colon have grown into something that is not pleasant. It is best to do medical check-up routinely in order to avoid such disease. Screening is a way to detect whether you have a colon cancer or not and it can be done when you have no symptoms at all. A good thing from screening is it can prevent colon cancer by way of removing that dangerous cell growth or polyp.

Sign of colon cancer pictures

Cancer? Can you tell me what is the cause of cancer?

When there is something suspicious found during screening test or your symptoms have a relation with that specific cancer, your lovely doctor will usually recommend you to do some tests and examinations to root out the cause.

First thing to do is to check your medical history and your family’s to know whether there are chances of colon cancer. 20% of colon cancer sufferer having one of their family members suffer from the disease too, especially your close kin and kin that are not that close. But most colon cancer is experienced by those who have no colon cancer in his/her family history.

Colon problems besides cancer can increase the chance to suffer from the disease. These colon problems are Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, polyps that can be a chance for cancer, and hereditary syndromes. Diabetes type 2 can also help increase the chance of having cancer.

Sign of colon cancer in dogs

In doing an examination that is physical, dear doctor would need to touch the abdomen of your body and do some examination on that body of yours. A blood test can also help you know whether you have a colon cancer or not. Other tests (colonoscopy or whatever its name, x-ray and CT scan) can also be recommended by your doctor. Biopsy is a treatment where you are highly suspected of having a colon cancer. The tissues (that are usually small), will be removed and then analyzed to find out if there are cancer cells or not.

Surgery, radiation treatment, chemical therapy, and other kind of therapies may be suggested by your doctor but the treatments will depend on how early the colon cancer is found. You should talk frankly to your doctor so the disease will be easily detected. Knowing signs of colon cancer will help you a lot to avoid further risk.

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer In Women: Cancer 101

There are various symptoms of breast cancer in women. Breast cancer is a deadly disease that could kill the sufferer. Although it is deadly, if you know the symptoms or sign of the disease, you have a high chance to survive from breast cancer. You should know the symptoms of the disease in order to have earlier detection and save your life. Here are the symptoms of breast cancer in women for you.

Breast lump

A new lump or thickening in an area around your breast and armpit could be a sign of cancer. Usually it is followed by some pain if you press the lump. 90% of women have breast lump and they are safe from breast cancer. It is called benign lumps. You should check the breast lump to avoid further risk.

Change in size, shape or feel of a breast

If you suddenly see that your breast changed a bit in size or shape and feel anxious about it, you should go to the doctor. Breasts are tend to feel lumpy and tender before women’s period, but if you experienced this outside your period, you should be aware and consult it to your nearest medical instance.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Women image

Breast pain

Breast pain is a common thing to be suffered by most women and usually it is not a cancer. You might experience pain in one or both breasts for a while and the pain usually will go away after some time. But, if the pain still there, you should go to your doctor to have further detail.

Skin changes

Redness, rash, dimpling, and puckering are the kinds of skin changes that could happen on your breasts’ skin. The skin changes can make your skin have a different texture and can be caused by other things than cancer. Relieve your anxiety by taking it to the doctor.

Change in the position of your nipple

Abnormalities of the position of your nipples may be the cause of breast cancer.

Fluid leaking from your nipple

Fluid leaking is dangerous especially for women who isn’t pregnant or breastfeeding. It is likely to be the cause of breast cancer or other medical conditions. You should go to the nearest medical instance to ensure that you are having a breast cancer or not.

Inflammatory breast cancer symptoms

Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare type of breast cancer and has different symptoms to other types. The signs of the cancer are red, sore, and inflamed breasts. You might feel your breasts are harder and they look like orange peel. Go see doctor to have a detail about what causing the problems.

Paget’s disease of the breast

This rare skin condition could be a sign of breast cancer. Red and scaly rash often found in breast area. This area could be itchy and looks like eczema. Most women think that they are having eczema when these symptoms occur. Go see doctor to ensure yourself about what happened to your breasts.

By knowing various symptoms of breast cancer, you can have early treatments regarding your breasts’ health. Breast cancer is deadly and it is feared by most women around the globe. If you already know symptoms of breast cancer in women, you will know what to do and save your life from the danger of breast cancer.

Tests For Ovarian Cancer

Tests for ovarian cancer should be done if someone has symptoms due to this kind of cancer. Seeing doctor is important thing to do since you will be examined by them. The tests for the cancer can be done in some ways.

Kinds of Test for Ovarian Cancer

Physical exam

To find the symptoms of ovarian cancer, the doctor will ask you to do physical exam and take your history. The symptoms itself can be ascites (fluid signs in the abdomen) and enlarged ovary. Some tests may be ordered by your doctor in order to check the cancer.

Specialist consultation

If the result of physical exam suggests that there is ovarian cancer, specialist of this cancer is needed. They can be gynecologic oncologists, specialists who are trained to treat female reproductive-related cancer. Their treatment will help you finding the best surgery to do for your cancer. Their treatment help the patient live longer. So, before deciding and doing surgery, the help of specialist is a must.

Imaging tests

There are some kind of imaging tests, including MRI scans (magnetic resonance imaging), CT scans (computed tomography) and ultrasound.

Tests for Ovarian Cancer nhs

CT scan is kind of test with the use of x-ray and it produces images of your body (in form of cross-sectional). It is different from common x-ray since it rotates around your body and takes many pictures. It doesn’t show ovarian tumors in small form well. However, it is able to see tumor in larger size. It can also show the possibility the growing tumor in the surrounding structure, Kind of signs such as enlarged nodes of lymph, the spreading cancer to liver, kidneys, bladder, and other things.

MRI scans is different from CT scan. Its employee’s strong magnets and radio wave rather than x-ray. The radio waves energy is absorbed and released in form of pattern which is formed by tissue type or diseases. The pattern then is translated by the computer into a detailed part of body image. More than creating cross-sectional image, it is able to create parallel slices with the body length. It is often used to find ovarian cancer. This is very helpful way to examine the spinal cord and also the brain. The time needed may be longer than that of CT scans, approximately 30 minutes.

Tests for Ovarian Cancer detection


This is kind of way of finding out ovarian cancer through the use of sound wave which will create image. The image then is showed on a video screen. The work is done by releasing sound wave on the abdomen surface or in vagina from a probe (small). The echoes created by the waves then bounce back and the pattern of them is translated in the form of picture in a computer. It is useful to find the tumor and find out whether it is cyst or solid mass and its size. This kind of test is often done first if there are signs of ovarian cancer.

Other Tests for Ovarian Cancer

Other forms of the tests are blood tests, biopsy (the process of removing growth sample from suspicious place/area and examining the growth), colonoscopy (examining colon), or laparoscopy (light tube-equipped procedure. If you have sign of ovarian cancer, be quick to do tests for ovarian cancer.

What Is Leukemia Cancer?

What is Leukemia Cancer? This is kind of life-threatening cancer which attacks white blood cells or bone marrow. Someone who has this kind of cancer will suffer from blood cells production which is abnormal. The name comes from leukos (white) and aima (blood) in Greek. It happens when immature blood cells DNA becomes damaged. It causes the cells of bloods to grow.

Furthermore, they will continuously divide. Eventually, blood cells which are healthy will die and replaced by new, damaged cells. The new blood cells will not die when the cells have to instead they are accumulating, and occupying space. The more production of cancer cells, the more the healthy white blood growth and function will be impeded. The good cells then are crowded out by the bad cells.

What is Leukemia Cancer? Symptoms

There are some symptoms of leukemia cancers. The symptoms may show that someone has leukemia. They are poor blood clotting, affected immune system, anemia, weight loss, and fever, nausea, bone pain, and other symptoms.

Poor blood clotting

Since the blood platelets (important for blood clotting) are crowded out by white blood cells which are immature, someone who has leukemia cancer will easily bleed or bruise. Furthermore, the bleed will heal slowly.

What is Leukemia Cancer survival rate

Weakening Immune system

Since blood cells are important part of body defense again infection, the immune system will be affected by the cancer. They will not work properly.


Anemia happens if red blood cells get shortage, which will happen if someone has leukemia. It also may lead to dyspnea and pallor.

All those symptoms can be the symptoms of leukemia. However, medical tests are needed to be carried out to confirm the leukemia diagnosis.

What is Leukemia Cancer? Different Types

Leukemia has many different types. Basically they are grouped into two, lymphocytic leukemia and myelogenous leukemia. Lymphocytic leukemia is kind of leukemia which is developed from marrow which makes lymphocyte(s), while myelogenous leukemia occurs when the cancer occurs in abnormal myeloid stem cells. Lymphocytic leukemia consists of two sub-groups: acute lymphocytic leukemia and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

What is Leukemia Cancer caused by

Myelogenous leukemia itself divides into two kinds, acute myelogenous leukemia and chronic myelogenous leukemia. The difference between acute and chronic is based on the time taken by leukemia to grow or develop. The acute leukemia is kind of cancers that start and develop within weeks or, even, days. Chronic leukemia, in the other hand, is kind of leukemia which develop slower than that of acute leukemia. They develop over some months or, years.

What is Leukemia Cancer? Treatments

Leukemia is a dangerous disease. Leukemia and Lymphoma Society recorded that 60.140 people in 2016 were attacked by the cancer. To get the most efficient and effective treatment, see the doctors; they will treat the patient of leukemia based on the types of leukemia, since leukemia has various types which will affect differently to the patients. The patient should be regularly checked by the doctors. Leukemia is kind of disease which can be healed so the patient need to be supported. If someone has already known what is leukemia cancer and if they feel the symptoms, they should take the action early.

Life Alternatives: Tijuana Cancer Clinic

If you are tired of the same old routines where you need to go back and forth to the hospital for a chemotherapy yet it does really work out, then perhaps it is the right time for you to look for other alternative: Tijuana Cancer Clinic. Centralized in Mexico, many people all around the world who suffer from cancers come to prove its reliability in helping to cure the cancer cells within them. Each year, there are more than one million people living in America who have to fight against the pain that cancer brings.

Throughout many researches conducted in the last decades, studies show that it will be better for them to try out other therapies — the alternatives — rather than just spending many cash on chemotherapy, yet it does not show many improvement. Back then, out of 450 cases of cancer that happens in Texas during 1998, around 69% stated that they use other form of medications to treat their cancer. Let’s take a look at how it works!

What is Tijuana Cancer Clinic?

Tijuana Cancer Clinic are clinics that are established by the experts within the medicine fields, in which they are offering other types of treatment. When chemotherapy and other traditional treatment do not work out, they offer hopes for the patients, in which they will be examined and treated in a new way.

Tijuana Cancer Clinic brings a very flexible yet serious medication, where the patients will feel as if they are friends, rather than just feeling trapped in a relationship between doctors and patients. Studies show that the most crucial moments when it comes to any other types of deadly disease is the patient’s power will to continue living. When they are attacked by cancer, most of the patients’ will will most likely decrease like the fall of their hair. Little do they realize that the mental spirit as well as the will to live might bring the miracle to happen.

This is proven in many cases where their body immune and system might drop down if they are not willing to live anymore. That is why, creating a very friendly environment is very essential to cancer patients, in which they will not have to feel burdened and stressful during the treatment. Often times when they are faced with many complicated medication tools, the realization will down on him that this is it, they are suffering from cancer, and most of them will cower by the thoughts of having higher chance to be driven to death. But through a non-othordox treatment that Tijuana Cancer Clinic applies, many patients will be more relaxed.

How Does Tijuana Cancer Clinic Work Out?

Tijuana Cancer Clinic is like a home to the cancer patients, where there has been more than 60 clinics and hospitals are established to help people. It is true that Tijuana Cancer Clinic has brought many controversy, as many experts will call it as if they are selling a false hope. Meanwhile, unlike any other treatments who require radiotherapy or chemotherapy, they only use detoxification to cure it.

Tijuana Cancer Clinic as well as the staffs believe that despite spoonfeeding the patients with many chemical substances to slow down the cancer cells, it will be better to fix the problems from its roots, by which, through detoxification, acupuncture as well as aromatherapy, the patients’ body system will be able to slowly regain their previous ability to function properly again.

Wow Truths: Pancreatic Cancer Facts

You might have heard a little about pancreatic cancer, but how far and deep the understanding you have about Pancreatic Cancer Facts? Getting to know about it can be useful for you, as it will open up your eyes and see the disease differently. This might also urge you even more to take care of your health, since indeed, health is our most precious possession compared to our wealth! So learn about the facts, and brace yourself for many probabilities out there!

Pancreatic Cancer Facts 1: Pancreatic Cancer is One of the Most Common Cancers Out There

Unfortunately, despite how dangerous pancreatic cancer can be, studies show that it is one of the types of cancers that occur the most. It seizes the twelfth place of the most recent cancers that attack people, besides brain cancers and breast cancers, as there are more than 338,000 cases being reported all around the world after a complete examination and diagnosis.

The studies also show that it is one of the most deadly type, since the experts in medicine still have to strive so hard to make a new invention, so the symptoms and tumor will be able to be diagnosed in the early stages. According to the studies conducted by a cancer health center, it climbs on to the seventh place when it comes to the most common type of cancers that lead to death. Not only that, it also has the lowest rates of being able to survive, where only 3% up to 6% at approximate of the patients who survive from it are able to continue their life for the next five years. In fact, there are 932 people dying everyday all across the world due to this disease.

Pancreatic Cancer Facts 2015

As strange as it is, for the past forty years, there has been some improvement when it comes to other types of cancers, but not this one. It will be good if the tumor is able to be detected in the early stage, so the doctors can perform a surgery to get rid of it. However, oftentimes the tumor is identified when they almost reach the crisis stage, whereas they can only do as much of chemotherapy and other medications to slow down the spread of cancer cells.

Pancreatic Cancer Facts 2: Pancreatic Cancer has the Most Vague Symptoms

Unlike any other cancers which have a stand out symptom, pancreatic system stays low profile, since its symptoms resemble other common illnesses. Commonly,  people who suffer from pancreatic cancer will have a neasuea feeling wash through them as well as massive headache. They will also have the urge to pee more, just like people who suffer from diabetes.

Pancreatic Cancer Facts 2016

This is why many medics often lead it to a more common and lighter disease instead of just stating that you are suffering from pancreatic system. You might as well be suggested to have further examinations if it is needed or you are not sure yet. Of course it is always smart to do a preventive action as well as finding out Pancreatic Cancer Facts , right?

Cancer Center: Types Of Brain Cancer

Brain is the most important organ that humans have that you might as well be familiar with Types Of Brain Cancer. Most of the body function is controlled by the brain, in which it will be the one to order you in doing something. Not only that, it also controls human’s speech, vision, thoughts, as well as hearing.

When your brain is damaged, of course the quality of life that you are living will drop significantly as well. Of course you do not want to be incapable of many things at the same times, right? Moreover, if you are not able to detect the cancer soon, you might have a brain freeze, a condition where all the cancer cells are spread though the membranes of your brain and cause a full stop of body and brain function. In other words, if you are not careful enough about it, you will be driven to death. Go get to know the types of cancer!

Why Is It Essential for Us to Know the Types Of Brain Cancer?

As stated before, brain is very important for humans, since our life line solemnly depends on it. This is why when it comes to brain, you cannot do any mistake when you are diagnosing it, or being diagnosed. What makes it very dangerous is because the cancer cells can attack your brain rapidly, and when it does, it will not stop.

Types of Brain Cancer in adults

The thing is, it requires a fast identification of the illness as well as an immediate treatment to help you survive. However, there are over 120 types of brain cancers out there, and each of them must be treated differently.

It all depends on which part of the brain is damaged and contaminated by the cancer cells. Is it on the left hemisphere? Or is it on the right hemisphere? Could the cerebellum damaged, as well? It all needs a tight supervision under the medical experts, so you will be able to obtain the right medication.

Types Of Brain Cancer

  1. Astrocytomas

Astrocytomas is one of the most common brain cancer type that people often encounter. Commonly, adults have a higher chance to be exposed to this rather than kids. Astrocytomas often happens in astrocytes, a small cell in your brain which shape is like a star. However, it may also occur on your spinal cords, as well as other parts of your brain. For adults, it often happens in the center part of the brain called cerebrum, in which control many of the body functions as it also takes the largest part on your brain. When your cerebrum is damaged, you might not be able to recognize your surrounding anymore, since it is the one who sends the receptive action so your body will react to the environment. Usually, this will arise when you have a weak body system, whereas you do not have a proper sleep schedule as well as a good diet in regular basis.

Types of Brain Cancer glioblastoma

  1. Glioblastama Multiforme

It is a very active cancer where it aggressively attacks the brain tissue within your head. This is also one of the very common Types Of Brain Cancer, in which it mostly occurs in the front part of the brain, as well as temporal lobes where your sight can be affected, and result in a double vision as well as a massive headache that happens continuously.

Life Health: Pancreas Cancer Symptoms

Pancreactic Cancer is known as one of the most dangerous diseases, and thus, it will be very essential for you to know about Pancreas Cancer Symptoms. Study shows that most patients who suffer from pancreatic cancer commonly have to face the worst case: death. This happens because there has yet to be a specific tool to detect the tumor in it when it is still on the early stage, where the tumor is still small and it is still able to perform a surgery to lift it up without any deadly damage.

That is why, it will be so much better for you to identify the disease by knowing the Pancreas Cancer Symptoms right from early stages. Of course, the symptoms will diverse from one person to another, since it is also determined by both the external and internal factors that cause it. Not to mention that each kind of pancreatic cancer has different signs as it is shown in many symptoms. Here are several symptoms that you might need to notice!

Pancreas Cancer Symptoms Overview

Understanding the symptoms is pretty crucial, since it will determine what kind of pancreatic cancer you have. The medical treatment you should take is different, as well. Basically, there are two types of pancreatic cancer. One is exocrine pancreatic cancer, and the other one is pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor.

Pancreas Cancer Symptoms nhs

However, its symptoms are often mistaken as common disease, for people who suffer from pancreatic cancer will often feel neauseaos — which can be other sign of many other illnesses out there. Just because you show one or two symptoms, it does not always mean you have it within you. The important thing is you should be aware in all circumstances and get it verified by the professionals, so you will be able to seek for medical helps just in case something gets out of hand.

Pancreas Cancer Symptoms

The most noticeable symptoms of pancreatic cancer is jaundice. It is a predicament where your eyes and skin will turn yellowish, even if you do not consume particular food in a high amount, such as carrots. Commonly, this happens because your liver produces excessive amount of billirubin, the yellowish-dark liquid on your pancreas.

early symptoms of Pancreas Cancer

Essentially, billirubin helps your body to break down the food, especially the fats, so your body will be able to absorb the substances. However, when it is blocked, the billirubin cannot flow to your intestines, where later it will trigger the rapid increase of its production. Of course, this is just one of the indicators of having a pancreatic cancer. It does not mean you already reach the crisis stage. However, if you let it be without any examination, the cancer might spread even more, especially to your liver.

As your skin and eyes turn yellow, your urine color will grow darker as well. When the rates of billirubin increase within your blood stream, it will affect the cathether, where your urine might go brown because of it. After that, the stools might get greasy. When the intestines are not able to break down the fats, it will flow through the urine, where the stools will get very greasy as it will get a pale shade of grey as one of Pancreas Cancer Symptoms.

How Do You Get Mesothelioma

The question “how do you get mesothelioma” is a common question asked by people to the patient since they don’t know what is it. Actually, mesothelioma is kind of mesothelium cancer, membrane that protect most of internal organs of body.  It commonly starts from the pleural mesothelium, which is located in the chest cavity. However, it may begin around the heart and in the abdominal cavity.

The exposure of asbestos is the main risk factor that is proven to be the cause of mesothelioma. Asbestos is kind of natural mineral which does not burn. It has microscopic fibers which are thin in size. They are resistant to chemicals and heat. They are resistant to electricity. Asbestos is natural mineral and be used in the automotive, constructions, and also industries. People are likely to get exposed to asbestos because they work with asbestos-contained materials. They may be shipyard and electricians. They may also someone who are directly in contact to toxic material. Another case but rare is when someone lives near asbestos large deposits.

How Do you Get Mesothelioma : the Development

When asbestos contained in materials are loosened or disturbed, the fibers of asbestos will be released into the air. The fibers which are microscopic then ingested or inhaled by someone. The automatic system of body in removing strange or unwanted material will keep the body from the exposure of the fibers of asbestos. The body tries to remove them but instead the fibers were stuck in the mesothelium.

How Do You Get peritoneal Mesothelioma

The trapped asbestos fibers will irritate the cell of mesothelium. The irritation will cause genetic mutations resulting in the development of mesothelioma tumor. The symptom of mesothelioma or mesothelium cancer may be showed after taking 20-50 years of time. However, the symptoms are still mistakenly understood as pneumonia or common cold.

How Do you Get Mesothelioma : Statistics

Every people is at risk for mesothelioma, especially those who are exposed to asbestos directly, whether in their workplace or in their direct contact. Surprisingly, those who have more possibility to get mesothelioma are men. The ratio of men than women who are diagnosed with mesothelioma is 5 to 1. It makes sense because men are more likely to work industrial jobs, meaning that the possibility in exposing asbestos is higher. In term of age, the signs of mesothelioma commonly appear in 50 – 70 years old patients, since the symptom may be showed after 20-50 years. Nevertheless, patients with the age of 20 years old may be the victim of the cancer since they have been exposed to asbestos at a very young age.

How fast can You Get Mesothelioma

Taking Action

If you have been directly exposed to asbestos, you have to be aware of the signs which are related to the diseases asbestos-associated diseases. It may be harder to spot those symptoms especially when you have continuous breathing issues such as asthma. You have to pay attention to your health. Consider to see physicians to test your abnormalities after exposing asbestos. see a specialist if you are diagnosed with the cancer. They may help you by treating you and improving your prognosis. Understanding the information about how do you get mesothelioma will help you prevent this dangerous disease.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

Stage 4 breast cancer survival rate is a kind of important information that every people should understand. In term of survival rate of cancer, there are some stages which will tell you something about it. Survival rate shows us what people’s portion with the same cancer stage and type probably can live in particular time amount (which is 5 years in general) after the people were diagnosed.  The survival rate will not tell you how many day, month or year the survivor will live since they cannot tell it.

However, survival rate will help you in understanding the outlook. Doctors often use survival rate to be common way to discuss outlook of a person or so-called prognosis.  In this case, some people are ready to know their survival rate but some of them aren’t. Those who want to know the survival rate may think that the number will be helpful in saving their live but those who do not want to know may think that the number is not helpful at all.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate 2015

How does it mean by Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

Breast cancer has some stages. One of them is breast cancer stage 4. This kind of breast cancer is called advanced breast cancer. The term metastatic breast cancer is also used to describe this kind of stage. An example of this case is when cells of cancer have got to your system of lymphatic to the lungs, bones, liver and even, brain.

This stage is crucial stage in term of how it will threat the survivor life. This stage is mostly developed after people have firstly been diagnosed. So after you have been diagnosed with cancer, the breast cancer starts to develop and may become breast cancer stage 4. The worst case but rare is the cancer have developed to stage 4 when you are diagnosed at the first time.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate australia

Denying Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

It is very difficult in living with stage 4 breast cancer. However, it is not the end of the world. The first thing you may do when you face this case is meet the oncologist – someone who has specialization in cancer treatment. They will develop a treatment plant aiming to stop the growth of tumors or their spread.

There will be some treatments recommended such as hormone therapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or surgery. You may also make a difference by paying attention to your dietary choices. Nutritious diet are able to maintain your life quality and your weight. it can also nourish person’s body. You will be encouraged to avoid eating alcohol, cheese or kind of dairy products, red meat (large amounts), saturated fat and other diet.

They will be replaced by foods that have low saturated fat including green-leaves product and beans. Another thing to do is doing exercise. The relation between stage 4 breast cancer and exercise may not be directly correlated, but you will get other benefit of it. Doing those things may change stage 4 breast cancer survival rate into a good rate. Thanks for visit

Free Wigs For Cancer Patients In America

Cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy will experience total hair loss. These conditions can lower the confidence of patients with cancer. The problem that often arises is the patient and families choose to use headgear such as hoods and caps instead of using a wig on cost grounds. As you know, the price of a wig is relatively more expensive when compared to the price caps or hoods. This is often the bane of a cancer patient to wear a wig. In the United States, the number of cancer patients is increasing from year to year. It sparks the formation of organizations that offer help for cancer sufferers, including providing free wigs for cancer in America.

Where to find the free wigs?

Patients with cancer in the United States arguably quite lucky because a lot of organizations and people who are committed to providing assistance to people with cancer. These organizations provide a lot of convenience for the patients and their families to be able to get free wigs for cancer. Patients and families can easily reach these organizations through the internet, hospitals and social services. Here are some organizations that can help you to get free wigs in America:

  1. ACS

ACS or American Cancer Society is widely known as a non-profit organization that helps giving free wigs through the ASC Wig Banks. ASC works with the church to facilitate people who want to donate.

  1. CancerCare

CancerCare is a national organization engaged in advocacy and provides support for cancer patients in the United States including offering free wigs for patients with cancer.

Free Wigs for Cancer Patients canada

  1. Friends By Your Side

This is a collaboration of stylish and saloons to provide free wigs and style for people with cancer. Martino Cartier, the founder of the organization said that people with cancer are must be pretty and stylish. “Beauty outside, healthy inside”, he said.

  1. EBeauty

EBeauty is an organization that focuses on women with cancer. This organization’s site uses a virtual look to ease the patient to find a suitable preferred hairstyle.

  1. CWHL

Children with Hair Loss is an organization that offers free wigs for children with cancer or hair loss due to other specific causes. To get the wig from CWHL, parents of patients only need to send the birth certificate that shows that the child is under the age of 21 years.

Each of these organizations has a chapter that has spread to almost the entire United States. Their actions are now followed by similar organizations in other countries.

Free Wigs for Cancer Patients in india

Cancer patients should be confident

Cancer patients are already burdened by the high cost of treatment so that they are often forced to sacrifice their appearance and style. These organizations help cancer patients with hair loss to gain their confidence back. In addition to the support and treatment, appearance is very important for cancer patients. Hair loss will reduce the confidence and give traumatic impact for cancer patients who want to do chemotherapy. Free wigs for cancer will be able to help them to stay fabulous during the treatment process.